Meishan Preservation

Your source for premium registered Meishan pig genetics.

Home of the Gods Blessing Farm Seed herd. The North American seed herd for the critically endangered Meishan pig.

Your Leader in Preserving the Meishan

The Gods Blessing Farm Seed Stock

It has been an honor to work with A.M.B.A. founder, Rico Silvera.

The Meishan seed stock he established in 2016 now resides at Meishan Preservation in it's entireity. 

A huge honor, in deed, to house the North American foundation herd for the Meishan pig on our farm. 

7 Foundation Boars

Just one example of how working with Meishan Preservation brings you the best in the business. 

7 boars representing all 3 genetic lines of the Meishan are all located here. 

Pasture Raised - Small Farm Supported

The Jensen's work hard to raise their stock in a natural environment. 

Always pasture raised and managed, their herd is accustomed to grazing and the varirty of elements Georgia brings.