Ebook - Vertical Integration for the Small Food Producer

Are you curious how to start your own commercial kitchen?

Do you want to have multiple pathways to sell your products but don't know where to start?

Here's What You've Been Looking For!

Vertical Integration for the Small Food Producer

How to Always Have a Pathway to Sell Your Products

By: Laura Jensen

The first ebook from Laura. This book covers:

- Licensing Agencies

- Level of Licensing

- Pro Tips from her personal experience

- Types of Kitchens

- Pathways for Different Product Lines

Just to name a few!

She's covers 7 different licenses and how you could use them. 

It's not magic, it's from her years of experience navigating the retail and commercial food world with her own USDA Inspected Butcher Shop, Charcuterie Shop and Retail Store. 

Save time in figuring out this on your own. 

Cut months off your journey from the information contained in this Ebook.


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